Welcome to the annual JewQ International Torah Championship! From Tucson, Arizona, to Melbourne, Australia, thousands of Hebrew school students from around the world are proud to be part of JewQ.

JewQ gives your child the opportunity to master core Jewish concepts and compete at a local and national level.

All material for the JewQ tests can be found in the Living Jewish JewQ book (available for purchase). JewQ is intended for Grades 3-7 and each grade has a specific section of the book to learn. Each child is given 3 tests throughout the learning period to keep them motivated and ascertain their level. This is an independent study program and children study at home.

Eligible test scores (an average of 70 or above) earn your child a spot on our local grand trip as well as eligibility to enter the regional championship.

Additionally, children who receive eligible test scores are invited to join the International JewQ Shabbaton in New York City. The top two finalists compete with a team at the final game show ceremony in NYC.

It’s the JewQ Championship of a lifetime, and your child is invited to become a contestant.

For more information about JewQ, visit jewq.org