1. Clearly breaks down Hebrew reading into manageable goals and levels.

2. Identifies students reading skills, and areas of difficulty for staff and parents

3. Allows for multiple levels of student within one classroom.

4. Success alone is the motivation. Students are personally inspired to advance.


What do Karate and Hebrew Reading have in common?
Karate is a traditional art that is divided into ten colored levels. Moving up a level is a proof of hard work and determination and is therefore a source of pride.  
Aleph Champ takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills  into 10 colored levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level is Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. Self motivated students is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program.


Aleph Champ Readers:


White.png Red.pngorange.png yellow.png green.pngblue.png Purple Level Homework.pngBrown Level Homework.pngGrey Level Homework.png Black Level Homework.png