Grades: K-7
Our students learn to read and write Hebrew using the acclaimed Aleph Champ Program; a karate motivated system where reading levels are divided by color and students move from the level to level, color by color at their own pace. At our Hebrew School, Hebrew reading becomes FUN.


Grades: K-7
Younger children participate in an interactive prayer circle. The children give tzedakah, say the Shema and sing traditional Jewish prayers. Grade 1 and up pray from a special siddur designed for student of their age group. They learn to chant traditional prayers in an enthusiastic communal setting.


Grades: 3-7
Our students have the opportunity to learn additional Jewish information on their own time. 3 tests are taken at Hebrew School. Each student that averages over 70% on the 3 qualifying tests becomes a champion— and the champions are the lucky ones that can participate in a grand trip / receive a special prize! All champions who score over 70% on all three tests will also qualify to join the JewQ annual Shabbaton in NYC!


Grades: K-5
Using educational tools, such as theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, we dive deep into the first book of the Torah. From Adam and Eve through The Great Flood and until the story of Yosef, your child cultivates a strong Jewish identity, Torah values, and flourishes emotionally, physically, and mentally. They will know that this is their story and feel a sense of belonging as a part of Jewish history.


Grades: 4-7
Working off the cycle of the year, children will explore concepts such as Jewish years and months, basic Jewish ideas such as Galut and Geulah, Mitzvot, Torah and Jewish history, and all Jewish holidays and their relevant halachot. Students will walk away mastering the Jewish Calendar and how essential it is living as Jews.


Grades: K-2
Our students will become familiar with 100 basic Hebrew words over a few years in Hebrew School.

IVRIT 123:

Grades: 3-7
Our Hebrew language class enables students to explore and experience the Hebrew language in a fun and engaging manner. Children expand their words, reading and writing skills through the highly acclaimed Ivrit 123 program.


Grades: K-7
Each student can earn Shkalim (Torah coins) and receive awesome prizes at the end of each Hebrew School session. Students keep their Shkalim in an awesome Hebrew School fanny pack.