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Holiday Date
September 25 - October 5, 2022
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Our goal is to ensure that every member has an

OUTDOOR SERVICES  We will be offering full length High Holiday services in a very spacious and tall canopy / tent on a very large green space just south of Sheppard on Faywood.

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING In a separate space on the same grounds and simultaneous to the adults services, we will be offering High Holidays children's programming in the outdoors.

SHUL COMES TO YOU  For those who are unable to attend services, we will make every effort to coordinate and "bring the Shul to you" by providing prayer books, an easy to follow how-to guide and a socially distanced visit from a rabbi to blow shofar for you just outside your home.

High Holiday Appeal
Increase your generosity of tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. “Repentance, prayer, and charity take away the severity of the decree”.