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This week we celebrated Tu’Bshevat and learned all about trees! The classes explored what kinds of foods we get from trees, and the different things that come from them, such as sticks, acorns, pinecones and leaves. The children got to add “fruit” to their own trees and work on fine motor skills by adding beads to their trees. For creative arts art they made 2 types of trees, one out of wood and the other by using their handprints. During music, the children pretended they were apple trees, stretching and dancing with apples in their hands. They also enjoyed a special Tu’Bshevat Seder and got to try different fruits that come from Israel.



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Fire Fighter Fun


This week we are learning all about the letter F. To develop our fine motor skills, we decorated flowers by peeling and sticking on stickers. For sensory we popped bubble wrap Fishes. In the block centre we built with red, yellow and red blocks, the colours of Fire. During circle we learned about the colour yellow and touched the letter F. For art we made Fireman hats because we had a special visitor come this week! Fire Fighter Luigi came to talk to us about fire safety! She showed us a video and put on his protective fire-fighting gear so that we know the fire fighters are not scary and are there to help us! We used spray bottles to take out the foam fire. For the letter F we played with letters in Foam. In circle we… Read More »

All about my BODY


This week we focused on everything to do with the letter E and also explored the different parts of the human body! We worked on fine motor skills by stamping envelopes and sorting elastic bands onto coloured cones. In the drama centre we played with toy that are Electric and in the block centre we built with Elmo blocks. We got to make our own silly faces by gluing the different parts of the face, using real looking facial parts. We also engaged in many learning opportunities by using our five senses. We learned about what all the five senses are and what they are used for. We looked at all the human body parts and coloured pictures of parts of the human body.

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Fall Fun is all around us


This week we continued to focus on the season of Fall and we also learned about the letter D.  We used bingo dabbers to make dots on the letter D. For creative arts we got to make our own ducks. In the afternoon we talked about the Hebrew letter Daled and painted it blue all over. As our sensory activity in the afternoon we helped the Morah stir and make goop and we loved getting messy and feeling its texture. To work on our fine motor skills we used q-tips to make fall leaves on our fall tree. We also helped to sort all the letters back the right spots on the letter mat. In the drama center we used our imagination and made food to put on dishes. For sensory we mushed up the yellow and red plasticine together, the colours of… Read More »

Welcome to a new year at Kinder Sports!


The start of the year has been a very busy and exciting time for everyone at Kinder Sports! Everyone enjoyed learning all about Rosh Hashanah, through lots of learning provocations. We had apple painting and stamping for creative arts, Shofar making and listening as a neat sensory experience and honey comb paintings to help us understand where honey comes from. Everyone really enjoyed music with Morah Deena, she had us dancing like apple trees and moving like Bees! We also began learning about the Alphabet, starting with letter A. We made an alligator for creative arts, and also sponge painted with all of the letters.  We also started making new friends and getting to know each other better in our class!

KS-Week 1.jpg

KS- week 1.jpg

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Last week of Summer Camp


This week was our last week of summer camp! We had a super fun start with crazy hair day, and sports with Coach Corey. We travelled to our last stop in Israel, and went camping in Tzfat. We looked for treasure in the dirt and also build a bonfire out of wooden blocks and using pool noodles and sticks. For creative arts we used red, orange and yellow paint to make fires. We explored with our senses, feeling a new texture with paint, sand and pasta together. Camping outside was extra special as we had an ice cream party. We also got sprayed with water, and used our imaginations when playing in the sandbox outside. Inside, we went in the ball pin to play with the balls and practiced sharing and throwing the balls. We also… Read More »

Fresh Water Fun in the Kineret


This week we stopped to visit the Kineret in Israel. We learned all about fresh water animals, rivers, lakes and had lots of fun with water! For sensory we  played with fish in blue shaving cream and pretended they were in water. We also got to go fishing in our class drama center and built a river for boats to through. We used blocks and tried to place them on green tape lines. We used our fine motor skills to make Fruitloop necklaces and then we enjoyed eating them. We explored with brown sand and blue pasta the colour of water. We also pretended that we we're camping on the Kineret and all really enjoyed going under the tent. For creative arts this week, we sponged painted on paper with cut up noodles and lots of… Read More »

Enjoying the beach in Hafia


This week we travelled to Hafia and enjoyed lots of beach themed activities!In the sensory bins, we explored with foamy and sparkly water, and searched for treasure in our sand box. We also sorted out our treasures by size to work on math concepts. In the block center, we built an aquarium to hold our fish and sea animals. Outside in our pool, we pretended we were fish, swimming underwater. We made bean mosaic creations for creative arts using dried beans and glue. For science we learned about cause and effect by putting different things in different bottles and watching them change. We also made two special snacks this week, Cheerio kebabs which worked on fine motor skills, and lemonade! We each squeezed lemon into a bowel to… Read More »

Life on the Kibbutz and our new Giving Garden


This week we got to experience what life would feel like on a Kibbutz. We built our own houses with Lego blocks and tried to make them as strong and balanced as we could. We used our fine motor skills to stick animal stickers onto the farm in the kibbutz. We sang songs about the different animals that we saw there and practiced their sounds and the way they move by doing animal yoga. For Creative arts and sensory, we made our own bowls from clay and also painted our pottery creations. We also enjoyed painting with yellow and red to make the beautiful sunsets that you can see on the kibbutz. We cooled off in our outside pool, and had fun trying to build with pool noodles. We also got some new additions to our “Kinder… Read More »



This week we travelled to Tel-Aviv! We used our gross motor skills and danced around like airplanes to fly there. It was a busy city so we had lots to do. We used our fine motor skills to colour pictures of the beach. Coach Corey met us there, and we had so much fun doing sports with him. We build with wooden blocks to make all the tall towers and buildings that there are in the city. We made jello as a special snack to enjoy on our trip, and enjoyed cooling off in the sea during our water play days! For creative arts, we used clay and molded our own bowls. We also had a special visitor this week, fire fighter Luigi came to talk to us about fire safety and he showed us his uniform and read us a book!




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The Negev

This week we travelled to the Negev. We did lots of exploration play focusing on the desert. We played with sand and measuring cups and spoons. To work on fine motor skills, we molded wet sand. We also played with coloured salt for the dead sea. We played in the water outside to cool off and also played in the sandbox, pretending it was a hot desert. For a fun sensory experience, we made slime and we also practiced cutting brown sand paper.
In our sensory bin we explored with animals and people in the sand. We put our hands in wet sand and felt the texture differences. We matched wooden letters to the bubble letters on the brown paper for cognitive learning. We also enjoyed a snack outside, making and eating our own fruit fondue… Read More »

Summer Camp fun has begun!


 We had such a wonderful first week of summer camp! This week we took off to Israel and toured the city of Jerusalem. We used our fine motor skills and cognitive skills to sort out the colours of Israel, blue, white and brown. We finger painted all the colours together to make brown, the colour of the bricks of Israel. We used the paint we made to sponge paint on paper to make the Kotel. For dramatic play, we pretended to make and eat food of Israel. We also build Israeli houses with lego and blocks in the building centre. For creative arts we made Israeli flags with blue finger paint. We loved the water play outside, we got to explore in a pool full of water balls, and also paint our bodies and paint Morah Aliza and then wash… Read More »

Under the Sea

We spent this week under the sea! For creative arts we painted a plate blue and made it into a shark puppet. The drama centre was set up so that we could swim under the ocean with our whale Willie, Sammy the shark, lots of fish, shells and wear goggles! We splashed in the soapy ocean sensory bin and bingo dotted starfish. We also read a book about under the sea, and another about sharks and whales. We also got to go fishing and catch fish as we counted them. We enjoyed decorating cardboard fish with gems and jewels and wrapping them with clear cling wrap. We also learned about the triangle shape this week and traced it. We loved baked sea creature cookies. They were delicious. We each took turns putting in the ingredients and mixing. We… Read More »


This week was all about transportation. Each day we focused on a different mode of transportation. We learned all about cars and even got to give them a car wash after they got all muddy with brown paint. We even got to colour with cars as there were markers attached to them and drew different types of lines. We pretended to drive a school bus that was in our drama centre and sang the song the wheels on the bus! We also worked on fine motor skills by peeling car stickers are putting them on a road. When we focused on boats we made our own sailboat for creative arts by decorating them with markers and stickers and we experimented with noodle tube boats in the sensory bin. Another way to travel was by plane and we pretended to fly to Israel… Read More »

Community Helpers

This week we learned about different community helpers and how they help us in the community. We learned about firefighters and made fireman hats for creative arts. We also finger painted fire, and painted fire trucks! We loved putting out the pretend fire in our classroom with our “extinguishers” and enjoyed listening to a book about fire fighters at circle time. During our learning about construction workers we built with tools and got to construct our own projects at the block centre. Another helper we focused on was doctors! Everyone enjoyed listening to their own heart beats and making X-rays of their own arms with chalk and q-tips!




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