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Life on the Kibbutz and our new Giving Garden

Friday, 3 August, 2018 - 1:49 pm


This week we got to experience what life would feel like on a Kibbutz. We built our own houses with Lego blocks and tried to make them as strong and balanced as we could. We used our fine motor skills to stick animal stickers onto the farm in the kibbutz. We sang songs about the different animals that we saw there and practiced their sounds and the way they move by doing animal yoga. For Creative arts and sensory, we made our own bowls from clay and also painted our pottery creations. We also enjoyed painting with yellow and red to make the beautiful sunsets that you can see on the kibbutz. We cooled off in our outside pool, and had fun trying to build with pool noodles. We also got some new additions to our “Kinder Sports Giving Garden” playground: a tzedakah slots ball run, a mud kitchen, wooden table and chairs, a chalk wall, tires to balance and walk through, and a sign for our “mitzvah house”.


kibbutz painting.jpg

kibbutz pool.jpg

kinderplayground- balls and tires and table.jpg

kindersports kitchen.jpg 

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