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Under the Sea

Friday, 22 June, 2018 - 2:56 pm

We spent this week under the sea! For creative arts we painted a plate blue and made it into a shark puppet. The drama centre was set up so that we could swim under the ocean with our whale Willie, Sammy the shark, lots of fish, shells and wear goggles! We splashed in the soapy ocean sensory bin and bingo dotted starfish. We also read a book about under the sea, and another about sharks and whales. We also got to go fishing and catch fish as we counted them. We enjoyed decorating cardboard fish with gems and jewels and wrapping them with clear cling wrap. We also learned about the triangle shape this week and traced it. We loved baked sea creature cookies. They were delicious. We each took turns putting in the ingredients and mixing. We also played with mermaid slime and coloured on foil to make shiny fish.






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