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Fresh Water Fun in the Kineret

Thursday, 16 August, 2018 - 10:31 pm


This week we stopped to visit the Kineret in Israel. We learned all about fresh water animals, rivers, lakes and had lots of fun with water! For sensory we  played with fish in blue shaving cream and pretended they were in water. We also got to go fishing in our class drama center and built a river for boats to through. We used blocks and tried to place them on green tape lines. We used our fine motor skills to make Fruitloop necklaces and then we enjoyed eating them. We explored with brown sand and blue pasta the colour of water. We also pretended that we we're camping on the Kineret and all really enjoyed going under the tent. For creative arts this week, we sponged painted on paper with cut up noodles and lots of different colours. The weather was beautiful this week, and everyone enjoyed cooling off and swimming in our fresh water Kineret outside. For snack this week we made a fruit salad and enjoyed eating it with friends.

kineret 1.jpg kineret 2.jpg


kineret 4.jpg 

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