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Last week of Summer Camp

Friday, 24 August, 2018 - 6:13 am


This week was our last week of summer camp! We had a super fun start with crazy hair day, and sports with Coach Corey. We travelled to our last stop in Israel, and went camping in Tzfat. We looked for treasure in the dirt and also build a bonfire out of wooden blocks and using pool noodles and sticks. For creative arts we used red, orange and yellow paint to make fires. We explored with our senses, feeling a new texture with paint, sand and pasta together. Camping outside was extra special as we had an ice cream party. We also got sprayed with water, and used our imaginations when playing in the sandbox outside. Inside, we went in the ball pin to play with the balls and practiced sharing and throwing the balls. We also danced around to rain music. We enjoyed all of our special guest this week, music with Miya and Positively Pets. It was a jam packed last week and such a great end to a fantastic summer!

last week sports.jpg

last week icecrem.jpg



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