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Enjoying the beach in Hafia

Friday, 10 August, 2018 - 2:16 pm


This week we travelled to Hafia and enjoyed lots of beach themed activities!In the sensory bins, we explored with foamy and sparkly water, and searched for treasure in our sand box. We also sorted out our treasures by size to work on math concepts. In the block center, we built an aquarium to hold our fish and sea animals. Outside in our pool, we pretended we were fish, swimming underwater. We made bean mosaic creations for creative arts using dried beans and glue. For science we learned about cause and effect by putting different things in different bottles and watching them change. We also made two special snacks this week, Cheerio kebabs which worked on fine motor skills, and lemonade! We each squeezed lemon into a bowel to make lemon juice and then added sugar and water. We did a great job as it turned out very yummy and we all enjoyed drinking it!




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