We teach children through giving them the opportunity to play as research shows that young children learn most through a play based curriculum. The beauty of a play-based curriculum is that children learn to solve problems, share goals and acquire flexibility. Playing with peers also seeds the development of empathy, a key ingredient for intellectual and social-emotional success.

We enthusiastically embrace our roots and focus on Jewish pride through learning about Jewish traditions. Upcoming holidays play a central role in the curriculum and take part in shaping the learning program. Life lessons are taught to the children on a simplistic level so that each child can connect and then build for the future.

At Gan Chabad, we know that children's brains are elastic and our goal is to stretch their minds and inspire them through tangible experiences and concrete learning. Our children learn Judaic studies, math, literacy, the arts, and moral values. Our goal is to nurture each child's personal journey towards social, emotional, and educational growth.

Curriculum and Skill Building

The letter of the week is a focus in the structure of the learning program. Themes, art and activities are based on the letter of the week. Children are encouraged to bring in an item of sentimental value beginning with the letter of the week and share the item with their friends.

Gan Chabad strives to create an environment that leads to intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development. Through engaging teacher-student dialogue and multi-sensory materials and activities, teachers engage students' curiosity and encourage them to make discoveries about their environment. Sensory play gives children the opportunity to explore, process, and come to understand the world around them.

Though literacy activities and print rich classrooms, students develop a passion for literature and begin to understand the many values and uses of printed text. Pre-math explorations and manipulatives allow children to develop understandings of numerals, shapes, patterns, measurement, and logical thinking. By developing and practicing these skills, children at Gan Chabad build the conceptual foundations for their academic endeavors and beyond.