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This week we travelled to Tel-Aviv! We used our gross motor skills and danced around like airplanes to fly there. It was a busy city so we had lots to do. We used our fine motor skills to colour pictures of the beach. Coach Corey met us there, and we had so much fun doing sports with him. We build with wooden blocks to make all the tall towers and buildings that there are in the city. We made jello as a special snack to enjoy on our trip, and enjoyed cooling off in the sea during our water play days! For creative arts, we used clay and molded our own bowls. We also had a special visitor this week, fire fighter Luigi came to talk to us about fire safety and he showed us his uniform and read us a book!




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The Negev

This week we travelled to the Negev. We did lots of exploration play focusing on the desert. We played with sand and measuring cups and spoons. To work on fine motor skills, we molded wet sand. We also played with coloured salt for the dead sea. We played in the water outside to cool off and also played in the sandbox, pretending it was a hot desert. For a fun sensory experience, we made slime and we also practiced cutting brown sand paper.
In our sensory bin we explored with animals and people in the sand. We put our hands in wet sand and felt the texture differences. We matched wooden letters to the bubble letters on the brown paper for cognitive learning. We also enjoyed a snack outside, making and eating our own fruit fondue… Read More »

Summer Camp fun has begun!


 We had such a wonderful first week of summer camp! This week we took off to Israel and toured the city of Jerusalem. We used our fine motor skills and cognitive skills to sort out the colours of Israel, blue, white and brown. We finger painted all the colours together to make brown, the colour of the bricks of Israel. We used the paint we made to sponge paint on paper to make the Kotel. For dramatic play, we pretended to make and eat food of Israel. We also build Israeli houses with lego and blocks in the building centre. For creative arts we made Israeli flags with blue finger paint. We loved the water play outside, we got to explore in a pool full of water balls, and also paint our bodies and paint Morah Aliza and then wash… Read More »

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