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Under the Sea

We spent this week under the sea! For creative arts we painted a plate blue and made it into a shark puppet. The drama centre was set up so that we could swim under the ocean with our whale Willie, Sammy the shark, lots of fish, shells and wear goggles! We splashed in the soapy ocean sensory bin and bingo dotted starfish. We also read a book about under the sea, and another about sharks and whales. We also got to go fishing and catch fish as we counted them. We enjoyed decorating cardboard fish with gems and jewels and wrapping them with clear cling wrap. We also learned about the triangle shape this week and traced it. We loved baked sea creature cookies. They were delicious. We each took turns putting in the ingredients and mixing. We… Read More »


This week was all about transportation. Each day we focused on a different mode of transportation. We learned all about cars and even got to give them a car wash after they got all muddy with brown paint. We even got to colour with cars as there were markers attached to them and drew different types of lines. We pretended to drive a school bus that was in our drama centre and sang the song the wheels on the bus! We also worked on fine motor skills by peeling car stickers are putting them on a road. When we focused on boats we made our own sailboat for creative arts by decorating them with markers and stickers and we experimented with noodle tube boats in the sensory bin. Another way to travel was by plane and we pretended to fly to Israel… Read More »

Community Helpers

This week we learned about different community helpers and how they help us in the community. We learned about firefighters and made fireman hats for creative arts. We also finger painted fire, and painted fire trucks! We loved putting out the pretend fire in our classroom with our “extinguishers” and enjoyed listening to a book about fire fighters at circle time. During our learning about construction workers we built with tools and got to construct our own projects at the block centre. Another helper we focused on was doctors! Everyone enjoyed listening to their own heart beats and making X-rays of their own arms with chalk and q-tips!




kxrays.jpgRead More »

Summer Fun & Dads and Donuts!

 This week was all about summer at Kinder Sports. We created the Kinder Sports popsicle store and made popsicles while learning colours names in Hebrew. We had circle time and book reading in our class pool, played beach games and enjoyed going outside in the heat. Speaking of hot, we did a science experiment where made volcanos erupt and everyone enjoyed it very much. We also talked about how hot it was outside this week and made fans to help cool ourselves down. For sensory we explored water beads and had a campfire. During circle, we talked about summer and how bees go from flower to flower. We also made our own bees so they can go from flower to flower to. 

This week we also had a very special event, Donuts and Dads! We… Read More »

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