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Fire Fighter Fun


This week we are learning all about the letter F. To develop our fine motor skills, we decorated flowers by peeling and sticking on stickers. For sensory we popped bubble wrap Fishes. In the block centre we built with red, yellow and red blocks, the colours of Fire. During circle we learned about the colour yellow and touched the letter F. For art we made Fireman hats because we had a special visitor come this week! Fire Fighter Luigi came to talk to us about fire safety! She showed us a video and put on his protective fire-fighting gear so that we know the fire fighters are not scary and are there to help us! We used spray bottles to take out the foam fire. For the letter F we played with letters in Foam. In circle we… Read More »

All about my BODY


This week we focused on everything to do with the letter E and also explored the different parts of the human body! We worked on fine motor skills by stamping envelopes and sorting elastic bands onto coloured cones. In the drama centre we played with toy that are Electric and in the block centre we built with Elmo blocks. We got to make our own silly faces by gluing the different parts of the face, using real looking facial parts. We also engaged in many learning opportunities by using our five senses. We learned about what all the five senses are and what they are used for. We looked at all the human body parts and coloured pictures of parts of the human body.

sorting elastics kinder.jpg face kindersports.jpgRead More »

Fall Fun is all around us


This week we continued to focus on the season of Fall and we also learned about the letter D.  We used bingo dabbers to make dots on the letter D. For creative arts we got to make our own ducks. In the afternoon we talked about the Hebrew letter Daled and painted it blue all over. As our sensory activity in the afternoon we helped the Morah stir and make goop and we loved getting messy and feeling its texture. To work on our fine motor skills we used q-tips to make fall leaves on our fall tree. We also helped to sort all the letters back the right spots on the letter mat. In the drama center we used our imagination and made food to put on dishes. For sensory we mushed up the yellow and red plasticine together, the colours of… Read More »

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