Course Overview

Judaism began nearly 4000 years ago in the deserts of Mesopotamia with a person, Abraham, who—in a society where belief in gods was universally embraced—championed a radically new understanding of a single, omnipotent, invisible Supreme Being. Everything else about Judaism - its teachings, precepts, culture, value system, and all-encompassing belief system—flow from this unique understanding of G‑d. But who - or what - is this G‑d at the center of the Jewish understanding of everything?

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) has been producing Judaic courses for more than two decades. These acclaimed courses are all based on the ageless wisdom of the Torah, which Jews believe to be G‑d’s missive to humankind. Now, due to popular demand, JLI is releasing My G‑d: Defining the Divine, a course that examines, probes, and questions the One whose wisdom lies at the core of every one of its past courses.

This six-part course is fast paced, formatted as answers to the twenty five most common questions that JLI students have been asking about
G‑d. The course is edifying as well as inspiring, philosophical yet practical. Students will gain a deeper understanding of G‑d which, in turn, will allow them to experience more meaningful relationships with G‑d and with their unique Jewish heritage.

My G‑d: Defining the Divine is for anyone with sincere questions about G‑d, as well as for those who have no questions, but simply want an enhanced understanding of and appreciation for the Creator.




Lesson One: The Basics
1 What is G‑d?
2 Where is G‑d?
3 How did G‑d come to be?
4 Is G‑d a He, a She, or a They?


Lesson Two: G‑d's Nature
1 Does G‑d have feelings?
2 Does G‑d communicate with human beings?
3 Does G‑d ever act illogically?
4 Why does G‑d have so many names?
5 Wh-t’s up w-th the hyph-nat-on of G‑d?


Lesson Three: His Reasons
1 Why did G‑d create us? Does He need us?
2 Why did G‑d create evil?
3 Can we question G‑d?
4 Why is G‑d described as “wrathful” and “jealous”?


Lesson Four: His Truth
1 Do I have to believe in G‑d to be Jewish?
2 Is it kosher to have doubts about G‑d?
3 Why must I fear G‑d?
4 I’m okay with believing in G‑d, but I’m not religious. Can we still have a relationship?


Lesson Five: His Paradoxes
1 Can G‑d create a rock that He can’t lift?
2 Does G‑d’s foreknowledge preclude our free choice?
3 Is there anything that G‑d finds difficult to do?
4 If G‑d has decided to do something, can we change His mind?


Lesson Six: Our Relationship
1 Why can’t we see G‑d?
2 Can we reconcile G‑d with science?
3 Why is Judaism so obsessed with idolatry? Is G‑d jealous?
4 I’m a spiritual person. Why do I need to follow the Torah’s “system" to have a relationship with G‑d?