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Gan Chabad is a preschool & daycare for children ages 16 months - 4 years old with full time and part time options. 2 infant spots available. 

 We know that children's brains are elastic and our goal is to strech their minds and inspire them through tangible experiences and concrete learning.

 Our children learn Judaic studies, math, literacy, the arts, and moral values. Our goal is to nurture each child's personal journey towards social, emotional, and educational growth. Our school offers sports activities to the children enrolled in the preschool program. Sports activities take place indoors and in the beautiful outdoor space.

We enthusiastically embrace our roots and focus on Jewish pride through learning about Jewish traditions. Upcoming holidays play a central role in the curriculum, shaping the learning program. Life lessons are taught to the children in a simple way so that each child can connect and then build for the future. 




 For more information email yehudis@uptownchabad.com or call 416-635-9696



Gan Chabad Parents Speak...

"Our children have blossomed at Gan Chabad!

Gan Chabad has been our family’s Pre-Nursery and Nursery since 2012.  The friendly and dedicated staff have introduced all of our children to formal schooling with warmth, kindness and love.  Our youngest daughter, now in the Pre-Nursery program, looks forward to each school day.  She is eager to see her friends and participate in the many activities her Morahs have thoughtfully prepared for her and her classmates.  Gan Chabad nurtures the whole child - emotionally, socially, academically, and spiritually.

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s education at Gan Chabad.  We have been invited into our children’s classrooms for birthday, Shabbat, Hanukkah, and Pesach celebrations.  We have also had the opportunity to read to our children and their friends as “mystery readers.”  Gan Chabad inspires a connection between home and school, making learning more meaningful for their young students.

We are beyond pleased with exceptional care our children have received at Gan Chabad."

Tova Allen 

Gan Chabad Parent 2012-2017


"Gan Chabad is more than just a school. It is a wonderful nurturing environment where your child's needs are met on every level; emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a warm and inclusive environment where everyone works together for the betterment of all our children. The children develop a great sense of self-esteem and excel in the academia. The lessons and programming are equatable to what the children start to do only in kindergarten like Handwriting Without Tears and Mat Man. The staff & children are happy. They learn so much in this wonderful environment about not only how to do well in school, but in life. Friendships are developed that last a lifetime. We were so pleased with the high level of instruction and the warm love given to our children to make them feel special and loved unconditionally. 

We would highly recommend Gan Chabad to anyone who asks."

Sari Rudick

Gan Chabad Parent 2013-2015


"Gan Chabad has been a home away from home for our two boys over the past few years. Our boys looked forward to going to school each and every day. They loved seeing their friends and their incredible warm and caring teachers daily. They would smile every morning as we pulled into the parking lot and when we picked them up they couldn’t stop sharing and talking about how incredible their day had been. Gan Chabad felt like home for us as well. We were encouraged to get involved as much or as little as we wanted. We were constantly invited to celebrate our children’s learning on various holidays and special days. The curriculum and program was incredible.  We felt their love for Judaism from the first day. The would come home singing,  asking for Tzedakkah, asking when is Shabbat, and asking lots and lots of questions some to which we had no answers. For example: is Hashem a boy or girl? We often looked at each other and smiled knowing we had made the best choice!

Although this September we will not be driving to Gan Chabad as our boys have grown older, our level of excitement as we drive by the school hasn’t changed for our family. So many memories for our boys and for us as parents.Thank you Gan Chabad and all the incredible teachers for everything they had taught our two boys!"

Greenspan Family 

Gan Chabad Parent 2013-2017 

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