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Summer Kiddie Camp Dates:

July 2nd- July 31 & August 1st- 23rd



Kinder Sports Preschool Camp is a carefully and thoughtfully constructed camp designed to provide preschoolers with a phenomenal camp experience filled with fun and adventure, while meeting the needs of children ages 16 months– 4 years.

We provide a high quality program under the guidance of caring and professional educators who work in our preschool throughout the year.

For Gan Chabad Backyard Camp a summer program for caregivers and tots CLICK HERE 

Summer Camp Program July- August 2019 




5 Days per Week:

7:30am -6:00pm


3 Days per week:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

7:30am - 6:00pm


2 Days per week:
Tues and Thursday

7:30am - 6:00pm


5 Days per week:

9:00 am- 12:00pm


Healthy snacks and nutritious lunches included for full time students.
Please note: On Friday, the centre closes at 4:00pm.



The Kiddie Campers enjoy a variety of exciting activities such as

  • water play, swimming, science, music, art and drama
  • carnival days, dress up, challah baking, gardening & sensory exploration
  • daily theme days such as dress up day, pajama day, bubble day & magic day
  • onsite trips with pawsitively pets

Each summer, a specific theme is chosen as an inspiration to the learning and discovery that will take place at camp. For example, our campers recently explored a theme titled: “I can be a Mitzvah Mench”. Our preschool friends learned about the mitzvahs they can do

For more info contact  [email protected] or 416 635 9696 

*   Non Refundable Registration fee is $50.

** Non Refundable Deposit is the amount of one month’s tuition payment. The deposit will be credited as payment towards Aug 2019 or July 2019 if you only enroll for 1 month of camp.

Payment: The registration fee and deposit is paid when registering online by credit card. Balance of camp fees is due by July 1-payable by cheque to Uptown Chabad and dated for July 1. Please note that there are no tuition credits or make up days for illness, holidays or family vacations.

Withdrawl Policy: We require a one-month notice in writing if it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from the preschool. At that time, the postdated checks that have not been deposited will be discarded. The admission deposit paid upon registration will be applied to the last months fees. If parents fail to give 30 days notice the deposit will not be applied to the child's last month at the centre. The deposit is non-refundable.

Child Care Receipts:  You will receive a Child Care Receipt at the end of each tax year in which you made      payments.