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bookatour2.jpg Our goal is to nurture each child's personal journey
towards social, emotional and educational growth.
Located in the heart of Bathurst Manor, Gan- Chabad Preschool is a warm and loving community Jewish Preschool. " Gan" is the Hebrew word for Garden. We view each child as a seed, so pure and impressionable, eager and ready to absorb the joys of life in a garden filled with exciting new experiences and the warmth of Judaism.

Gan Chabad Preschool is fashioned to bring together children and their families in order to water the flourishing seed and let it grow. The children’s minds are stimulated with unparalleled first academic experience. Gan Chabad Preschool has become the conduit through which children emerge as happy, productive, and successful learners who progress to the finest public and private schools in the city.

A Gan Chabad Parent Speaks...
“The Gan Chabad experience has been a wholesome one for our child and entire family. The children are given incredible warmth and love for their Jewish heritage, and the curriculum has stimulated my child to love learning. The Gan Chabad community has opened our family to a whole new world as we have gained lasting friendships with other parents who share the same parenting vision as we do.”