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Shavout and letter Y


This week we focused on the upcoming holiday of Shavout and the letter Y. Monday was a Yellow day! The sensory bin had yellow water and yellow water balloons which everyone enjoyed squeezing, splashing and bouncing. We worked on building different coloured towers with our blocks. We also worked on fine motor skills by picking up flower petals with tongs. For circle time we went on a yellow hunt for yellow objects around our room and counted how many we found. We also played a memory game with some of the yellow items. We got ready for the upcoming holiday by planting flowers in Play-Doh. We worked on fine motor skills by colouring and peeling flower stickers to make beautiful crowns! During circle a couple of volunteers helped to tell the story about how Har Sinai was given the Torah and then we danced and celebrated with our mini Torah’s. For creative arts we made our own Har Sinai and decorated flowers for it. We also did lots of Y inspired activities. We tried to weave yarn through the holes in our baskets. We worked on fine motor skills by cutting spaghetti yarn with scissors and knives. A couple of us got messy and helped to make a Yellow yarn bowl. We also glued different coloured yarn to our letter Y’s!





We had lots of fun painting pictures with yellow puffy paint. During circle time, we talked about different words that start with Y. We also used our bodies to make a Y! We practiced our fine motor skills by threading pipe cleaners through a strainer and enjoyed playing with rice and corn kernels for a sensory activity. For creative arts, we made yellow paintings with yarn and made construction paper yaks. At circle time, we made Ys with blocks and with our bodies! We also practiced writing the letter Y and painted yellow yo-yos. We were busy getting ready for Shavuot! We read a story about Sammy Spider celebrating Shavuot. We added tissue paper flowers to our Har Sinais. We had fun playing with slime for a sensory activity. For creative arts, we decorated Shavuot crowns and painted paper baskets. We decorated our ten commandments crafts and Shavuot baskets. For dramaticplay we took turns pretending to be Har Sinai and talked about how Har Sinai was given the Torah.



 Both classes also released our butterflies! It was so exciting to see them change from caterpillar’s to butterflies and then to watch them fly away!

butterfly release.jpg 

Mother's Day and Letter X


Nitzanim Class

This week we focused on all the wonderful things about our moms and also about the letter X.  We made heart stamps using cardboard tubes and paints. We decorated our secret surprise with stickers and worked on our fine motor skills. We helped to give animals a nice soapy bath in the water bin. Made flower bouquets, and did a little bit of finger printing. During circle we read a book about giving mom 5 min of peace (and hopefully quiet) and also did an experiment and listened to the different sounds water could make. We cared for our baby dolls by peeling bandaids and sticking them on to help them feel better. We learned about the letter X and made X’s with sticks and also got to play an xylophone which we all really enjoyed! We also used our X-ray machine to see different bones. We made our own x-ray drawings with chalk and black paper, while some of us worked on our letter X xylophones. We also read a book during circle about Maisy having to get an x-ray at the hospital and then made our own x-ray handprints and Play-Doh x-ray prints with q-tip bones!




mom prenursery.jpg 

Perachim Class

This week we worked on making something very special for Mother’s Day. For fine gross motor we practiced lacing holes in different animals. We also opened up our flower shop and learned how to buy and sell. We had such a fun time outside, and we had fun getting ready for Mother's Day and Shavuot!! We painted our own Har Sinais and helped make a secret treat for our Mommys! During circle time, we learned about the holiday of Shavuot, and read a story about moms. 


flower shop.jpg



Caterpillars and Butterflies/ Letter V



This week we were learning all about caterpillars and butterflies! We explored in the sensory bin filled with caterpillars, twigs and grass and used fine motor skills to pick them up and examine them more in bug containers. We also made our own caterpillars by glueing Pom Poms onto popsicle sticks. Our drama centre was a butterfly garden which is very enchanting. We made butterflies by filling bags with loose parts to help make their wings look beautiful. We worked on creating caterpillars by lining up circles and matching them by colour. We also worked on fine motor skills by making caterpillars with Cheerios. We saw how “magic” happens with our symmetrical butterfly paintings. During circle time we learned about the letter V, and talked about volcanos and then did a science experiment to see how they erupt.





This week was all about the letter “V”. We converted our drama center into a vet clinic. Coach Cory came and got us moving! For are we did a letter search and did bingo dabbing on the letter v. we were all very busy being vets. We worked with Velcro to help us with fine motor skills. For art we painted with vegetables. We did a science experiment and made our own volcano. We practiced writing the letter V in our writing without tears books. For art we glued pictures of vegetables on paper. we made 3D paintings with vehicles, and painted the planet Venus.




Spring has Sprung

Nitzanim class

 Spring has sprung, in our classroom at least. We worked on fine motor skills by beading tree buds into real branches. We also used water colour paint to give colour to some pretty flowers. The drama centre was a spring garden, where we were planting and taking care of our plants and flowers. In the block centre we built trees and added large buttons as flowers. During circle we talked about the changes we see on the trees during the spring and named the different parts of the tree. We worked together to build a class spring tree by crumpling tissue paper to make flowers and building a model tree with branches using blocks. Today we used our fine motor skills to crumple tissue paper and glue it onto our flowers. We also enjoyed exploring in our garden sensory bin by scooping up “soil” and finding “worms”. During circle we learned about the diamond shape and went on a diamond hunt around the room. We sung songs about kites and then made kites of our own! We also celebrated spring by dancing and moving with the parachute. We counted flowers and tried to number them in order as we planted them in their row. We also explored how to make rain in the sensory bin using some different tools. During circle we built mat man, and then practiced building the letter T. We then made our own letter T, trees! For science we planted some sage, rosemary, and garlic together and are excited to watch to see for any growth!

 spring tree.jpg





 This week we were working on the letter “T”. We opened a fruit and vegetable stand, the kids enjoyed shopping. Coach Cory came and we had a blast. For sensory we played with slime And went digging in the sand box. For drama the kids were cooking in our egg soup in our restaurant. For art we finished our letter T turtles, and made flowers for spring by dropping water onto coffee filters. For art we also made trees with flowers out of tissue paper. During circle time we talked about what insects we see in spring. We had music with Maya as a special surprise, we loved her! For drama we played with our transportation toys, spring flowers, and our kitchen. We counted flower numbers, and made flowers out of shapes.





Frogs were Jumping Everywhere!

Nitzanim Class 

We were all working hard to get ready for Passover! For creative arts we decorated triangle pyramids with bingo Dabbers and also glued on tissue paper to make special kiddish cups for Eliyahu. For sensory we explored with frogs and gel and got to feel how slimy and slippery they were. We also filled the sensory bin filled with frogs and Lilly pads and ramps! In the block center we built pyramids by adding blocks into our triangle base. The drama centre had baby Moses in his basket, floating in a river filled with fish. We also read a story about Passover and went on an Afikoman hunt. We also worked on building triangles with blocks and following them with our cars. During circle we sang songs to help us understand the story of Passover and also went on a hunt for chametz and tried to scoop it up with a spoon and feather. We used tools to smash paint and pretended to do work like the Jews had to do long ago. We also built mat man all together and were introduced to the letter S. We traced it with our fingers and then used fine motor to peel and stick star stickers onto our letters!


letter s.jpg



Prachim Class

This week we started learning the letter “S”, and continued to learn about Passover. We focused on building, and creating our own pyramids. We worked on fine motor skills by cutting tissue paper and glued it on Eliyahu’s cup. We worked on the letter S in our Writing without Tears notebooks. We learned about the 10 punishments and each child got to be one, we put on masks and used our imagination in the dramatic play area.  For art we made snakes, and had a great sensory activity, with frogs jumping in the slime. For science we worked on deciding if each square is Chametz or Matzah! We also got to draw our own pyramids, and fill them in with glue and sand.





Passover excitement!


 The Story of Passover has begun in our class. We made Matzah by rolling Play-Doh and making holes with forks. Construction was the theme of the sensory play to learn about when the Jews had to work so hard. We did a touch and feel mystery bag to find all the items needed for the Seder plate and matched them to their spots. We also learned a song about the frogs and Pharaoh, and then got to paint our own frog plates for creative arts. We worked on cognitive skills by counting frogs and placing them on the correct numbered Lilly pads. The drama centre was a matzah bakery where we rolled matzah and flattened it. We worked on fine motor skills while mixing and making coloured sand. We used the sand to make really cool pyramids for creative arts. Everyone really enjoyed the sensory play with shaving cream, sand and animals! For creative arts we carefully sponge painted special bags that we are making for a special Afikoman take home gift for Passover. We used cups in the building centre to try to build pyramid towers and enjoyed piling them up again and again. During circle we sung about the Passover story and loved watching the puppets help tell the story. In the sensory bin we got to practice pouring the 4 cups of grape juice that we need for Passover. We worked on making reflections with the Play-Doh and straws while using our fine motor skills. During circle we sung about working hard and then worked hard to make our own pyramids by building with blocks, shaving cream and sand!






This week we continued learning about Passover. We built pyramids out of wooden blocks and experimented with different methods of how to build them. For creative arts we started painting our Seder plates for Passover, we also did a group finger painting activity. For a science experiment we made our own play-doh and then used our fine  motor skills to put pipe cleaners into straws, and then we made our own creations with the play-doh. We also started learning and singing the 4 questions that we say on Passover! For fine motor we cut square and circle matzah with scissors. For sensory we made bricks with sand, shaving cream, glue, and food colouring. We also did a science experiment where we made dough and compared yeast vs no yeast. We even got to make our own matzah and eat it too! We also made a baby Moshe in a basket and we cut pyramids, and everyone enjoyed our sensory experience where we played with sand and mud. 








Letter R, Rocks!

Nitzanim Class

This week we were learning about everything to do with the letter R. For sensory we had rocks that needed to be cleaned and washed. We also had letters hiding in our rice sensory bin. For cognitive skills we worked on sorting rabbits by colour and incorporated some fine motor skills by picking them up with tongs. The drama centre was a restaurant this week, full of menus, food and customers! We also read a book called rainbow fish and made our own rainbow fish by stamping with celery! We also explored with Ramps and used our science thinking to figure out what rolls and what doesn’t. We sang songs about rain and listened to how rain sounds with the rain stick, and felt how rain feels by getting misted with water. We also helped the “rain” water our plant and made a raindrop umbrella painting. We even painted rocks to make pet rocks and we named them all Rocky! Mat man joined us at circle time and taught us about the letter R and that R is for Rabbit. Everyone got a turn snuggling with our "pet" rabbit. For creative art we glued cotton balls inside a letter R to make a very cute R-rabbit! We also did a very cool science experiment making rainbow balls using baking soda, dish soap, vinegar and food colouring. The kids loved watching the baking soda bubble when we added vinegar! We also focused on rainbow themed activities for the letter R. We rolled rainbow paint around on the table and mixed colours without getting messy. We added rainbow coloured buttons to the car area and drove to dump them in the basket. We also made really cool puffy rainbow paint and got to paint our own rainbows! We worked on our fine gross motor skills by threading rainbow fruit loops on to raw spaghetti. We also painted with red paint using all different kinds of painting tools - qtips, sponges, toilet paper rolls, and foam fishes. 





Perachim Class

This week we learned all about the letter “R”. For sensory we played with slime, and we dyed pasta rainbow colours. The kids got to mix the colours into the pasta which also helped with sensory and fine motor skills. For creative arts, we glued the pasta onto the letter R, and for fine motor the practice everyone practiced writing their names. Our Nursery Restaurant was officially open for service this week and everyone really enjoyed playing in the restaurant for Dramatic play. For sensory we practiced fitting Pom Pom’s through holes in a basket. During circle time we spent time were recognizing and identifying the letters we already know, and our new letter R from this week. We went on a fun trip we had at the Matzah factory, and really enjoyed learning about matzah and loved being a part of making our own matzahs. We learned about the whole process from getting the seeds out of the wheat all the way to baking it themselves! For sensory we were driving cars through shaving cream. For art we painted rocks for the letter R, and started painting something cool for Passover. We also started learning the story of Passover, and did a science experiment on what floats and what sinks. For hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, we threaded string through holes to make a matzah. 




PURIM PARTY and Letter Q

The Nitzanim class had a blast celebrating Purim this week! We made Purim cookies from Play-Doh, and got our shakers ready by filling them with rice. We read a book about Purim and sang lots of silly songs and we got to create our Purim masks and make cool designs by mixing paint around in a salad spinner! We did some Purim baking and made Purim shaped sprinkle cookies. Everyone helped to pour, mix, roll and shape the cookies! We read a Purim story and played a fun Gross motor game acting out and pretending to be different animals. We built mat man and learned about the letter Q and then designed our own Q quilts for our letter books! We used Q-tips to make beautiful paintings. We enjoyed exploring in the sensory bin, looking for jewels. We made some noise with our feet on the bubble wrap carpet and made our own palaces using a variety of shapes! On Purim we ate snack with the Nursery class and watched them put on a puppet show telling us the story of Purim. We showed off our costumes to each other, went on a Purim Parade making lots of noise with our greggers around the school, did a Purim puzzle hunt and a Purim ball toss, filling the hamantashen with lots of different flavoured fillings! 

letterq.jpg purimbaking.jpg


The Perachim class continued learning the story of Purim We had picture day and all the kids showed us their best smiles! We made Hamantaschen’s, and did a science experiment to see how chocolate melts. For art we cut circles and triangles which also helped us with our fine motor skills. For cognitive skills, we sorted numbers, did a big puzzle together, and finished our Purim clowns. For creative arts we finished working on our letter “Q”, and for sensory we made slime! To celebrate Purim, both classes joined together for a Purim feast, costume show, Purim parade, and some super fun Purim games!!! We searched the class for Purim puzzle items, and tossed balls through a giant hamentaschen!

purimmelt.jpg purimsnack.jpg






Purim and Saba & Safta celebration!

This week we introduced the class to the very fun holiday of Purim! They searched for gems and jewels hidden in the sensory bin. They made clowns by colouring and adding facial features! We read a book all about Purim and learned about Greggers and hamantashens! We played a fun game making music and then stopping all at once! Our drama centre was a dress up shop with lots of costumes to choose from! We bingo dotted some hamantashens too which was lots of fun as it got pretty loud with all that dabbing! We had fun “shaking” our sillies out with instruments. We also painted tubes for our own shakes and decorated crowns for our Purim celebration. We also built palaces in the block centre and decorated them with big buttons! We LOVED having a special Purim/Shabbat party with our Safta’s and Saba’s at the end of the week, where we made our own hamantashens, sang Shabbat songs, and enjoyed spending time together! ❤️




In the Perachim Class we are continued the letter P, and are still learning the story of Purim. We painted our baskets that we will be using for Mishloach Manot. For drama each child got to dress up and play a part in the Purim story. The students got to dress up, pretend to ride a horse, and paint puppets. They pulled numbers from a hat to find the date that Haman had chosen to destroy the Jews. Rabbi B came and we had a blast. He sang lost of new Purim songs, and the kids really enjoyed them!


P is for Postman and Purim

 This week ass all about letter P in the Nitzanim class. We used Play-Doh to trace the letter P with straws and also pretended that they were candles to enjoy at a Play-Doh party. The sensory bin was filled with pasta and has scoops and bowls. We had all our puzzles out for cognitive development and fine motor skills work. We had a real post office worker come and talk to the kids a bit about how the mail gets to them and what he does. We then worked on making our own post office in our class and painted some pasta for a special project! We used them to make Pasta bracelets and worked on our fine motors skills while trying to thread them on pipe cleaners! We painted with Pom poms, sorted Pom Poms into ice cube trays and worked on fine motor skills with the tongs. We also made Porcupines by painting with forks and also decorated the letter P with pasta for our word books. Mat man came out during circle to help us build the letter P and we also got to play popcorn with our parachute and popped bubbles too!!



This week the Perachim class also focused on the letter “P”. For art we glued purple pasta on the letter P for our letter books. We enjoyed the visit from the Postman and got to see his outfit and ask him questions. We also started learning about about Purim. We started to talk about the story of Purim and the kids are really enjoying it. For art we painted pictures of kings and queens. We also played with pink play-doh for the letter P. The children also put on a puppet show for the letter P, and they practiced writing the letter P in their workbooks.




Owls, Octopuses, Oranges, O MY!

This week was all about the the letter O. We worked on fine motor skills by putting “o” Cheerios on the letter 0. We took a closer look at ‘o’ shaped rocks. Had fun exploring in the ocean themed water bin. During circle we danced like owls, saw how our eyes looked big life owls, and pretended we were in our owl nests. We also made super cute owl handprints for creative arts. We took a closer look at owl feathers and felt their soft texture. We also used our senses to touch, smell and taste oranges and made our own freshly squeezed orange juice which everyone in both classes, LOVED! We worked on fine motor skills by placing buttons on octopuses, and also learned all about octopuses during circle time. We also used scarves to swim like octopuses. We then got to colour, add stickers, and glue to make our very own cute octopuses for creative arts. We finished off the week with some O colour sorting using fruit loops, and sampled some delicious coloured O’s too. We got to paint O’s with balloons and paint. We celebrated Shabbat by dancing with our Torah’s, giving tzedakah, reading mitzvah notes, making soup and of course by enjoying each others company and eating some delicious challah and grape juice! The Perachim class also did a beautiful mitzvah and visited the nursing home.








Celebrating Tu'Bshvat!

This week both classes were very busy learning and celebrating about trees for Tu’Bshvat!

We took a closer look at seeds and used our fine motor skills to put them into the planters. We explored in the water table with scoops, funnels, seeds and branches. We made trees using Play-Doh and sticks. During circle we sang about the different parts of a tree and also went over the steps of how to plant a seed. The drama centre was transformed a garden centre and the kids had a great time using their imagination to water and pick vegetables and fruits from garden. 

We also planted our very own lettuce seeds and can’t wait to see them grow! The sensory table was filled with soil and water (mud) for us to get messy with! We sung happy birthday to the trees in our class and gave them a special heart to show them how much they mean to us. We also built mat man today and saw how to make the letter N. For creative arts we glued on our ‘N’s and left some extra glue to make sparkly stars for the word Night. The Perachim Class also conducted a science experiment with celery and coloured water, and watched as the water travelled up the celery stalks.

We all enjoyed a special Tu’Bshvat Seder, and got to try some new fruits: apricots, dates, figs, raisins and wheat crackers and also got to drink some yummy grape juice to help make it an extra special celebration!







PJ Party and letter M fun!


This week we were focusing on letter M and learning all about “me”. We painted and stamped using marshmallows! The drama centre was a muffin bakery shop for this week. We talked about who is a boy and who is a girl and saw how many boys and girls there are in our class. We also got to trace our whole bodies for a special art project in progress! We traced and coloured in our whole bodies while learning all about “Me”. During circle time we talked about different eye colours and used a mirror to see the colour that we have and also took a closer look at our hair colours! Rabbi Steiner came in as a special guest speaker and showed us the scroll inside the Mezuzah and we got to paint our very own mezuzahs too! We had also had Pyjama day this week and got to help make hot chocolate as a special treat!

mezuzah paint.jpg




The week we focused on the letter M. We went on a hunt to count how many Mezzuzah’s we have around the school. We painted our own Mezzuzah’s, and made scrolls for inside them. Pyjama day was a hit! We danced, played in our pjs, had hot coco, and did show and share with our stuffed toys. We got moving and grooving with Rabbi B. We also all worked together to make a house in the block centre, we used our imagination to play teacher, and worked on our cognitive skills with lots of puzzles. For creative arts this week, we made a moon with starts and shooting stars.



moon art.jpg 

Letter L, M and some animal friends!


This week we were learning about winter animals and the letter L. We brought in real snow to mold with our shapers, paint with and scoop up! For sensory play we let our animals have fun in the shaving cream snow. We read a book about winter during circle time and then tried to make our own cotton snowmen. For creative arts we stamped snowmen with our Lego blocks to create a snowball effect. We also learned about how hard it is for the birds to find food in the winter so we worked hard and made them yummy bird feeders! We built mat man together and he showed us how easy it is to make the letter L. We also practiced trying to write the letter L in salt trays. We also made it using our bodies! For creative arts we traced our hands to give our letter L lions some nice looking manes, and glued on some googly eyes! We also made lady bugs for letter L and used our fine motor skills to peel the dots and stick them on!






We started working on the letter “M”this week. We did puzzles for fine motor skills, we worked on our Handwriting without tears, and had an amazing time with Coach Cory!

We have been working on getting dressed with our outdoor clothes all by ourselves and reviewed the steps of getting ready to go outside. For circle time we reviewed the letters we already know, and sang a song about monkeys for the letter M. For creative arts we started making snowflakes. We played a very fun game of musical chairs, the kids were such good sports and Lyam was the winner! We even made macaroni and the kids loved it! 

 craft.jpg dressing.jpg


Winter Wonderland

We had such a great first day back with all our friends in the Nitzanim class! For creative arts we painted real snow with water colour paints. We also used our hands to create prints for hand painted gloves! We worked on our cognitive thinking by matching coloured “snow balls” in ice cube trays. The drama centre was transformed into a winter wonderland with shovels, snow, snowballs and buckets! We did a couple science experiments with an ice shaped hands and melted the sticks from inside it with warm water and salt. This week we learned about the letter K. We helped to build mat man and coloured and added gems to our K King letter. We practiced writting the letter K in shaving cream with our fingers. We played a fun game trying to guess which cup was hiding a set of keys which was a huge hit. We did lots of gross motor activities, dance freeze, snowball relay race and bubble popping! Morah Leanne also showed us our new Kimochi doll who helped teach us about emotions and how to be kind to our friends.




This week in the Perachim class, we focused on the letter “L”, as well as the season of winter! For art we started making a 3D snowman using puffy paint. We played twister with letters, which got us moving and made reviewing our alphabet super fun! We had a wonderful visit at the seniors home, and enjoyed making music with them there. For creative arts we painted our ladybugs, we made the left “L” and a lollipop. We worked on practicing buttons for fine motor skills. We also did a science experiment and made our own snow, the students loved this! We were also very busy getting ready for Shabbat. We made our challahs, crushed cookies and made our own cookie creation.



 letter l.jpg


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