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Chanukah fun is everywhere!

The Nitzanim class had a super fun week of Chanukah activities! We painted our chanukiahs, we made our own latkes out of clay, spun like sivivon, and even got to taste Morah Hana's special latkes! We used magnetic fishing rods and fished for gelt to work on fine motor skills. And also washed the gelt with soapy water.  For creative arts we painted our latkas and bingo dabbed some flowers. We cooked latkas in the dramatic play area and got ready for a yummy meal. During circle we played a game of trying to guess which Chanukah item was in the bag by feeling it with our hands. We painted candles on tin foil using water colour paints for a cool effect. We ate and cooked latkas in the drama centre, built candles in the block centre using cylinders, searched for the channukah treasures in the sand bin and played a fun frying pan latka game! We also learned about the letter J this week with mat man. We painted jellyfish with water colours for our letter J too. We even helped make edible menorahs and by helped, we may have sampled a bit during the process.

 washing gelt.jpg


edible menorah.jpg 

 This week the Perachim class focused on the letter J and continued having fun with Chanukah themed activities in their classroom. They made Jello in honour of letter J, cookies, and even yummy latkas! They started a science experiment with a potato. They built a menorah, and read a book about Chanukah. They also got colourful for creative arts as they coloured coffee filters and then dripped water on to see how the colours would blend together. They made dreidels out of clay, painted their menorahs practiced cutting with scissors, did lots of colouring, and enjoyed show and share and a special Shabbat celebration. 

cooking 1.jpg 



Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah!

The chanukah fun has begun! The Nitzanim class worked on fine motor skills by adding candles to our playdoh chanukiahs. We made beautiful candles rolling paintings. Our drama centre is a chanukah cave where we can secretly play games and study Torah! We learned about the story of chanukah during circle. And for science we made our own special oil lamp! For creative arts we made driedels stamps using blocks and paint. We also did a really neat science activity which was to melt our wax crayons with the hot air from a blow drier. We felt what was feels like and saw the candles get soft and change. This week we also learnedl about the letter I. We worked on fine motor skills and counting by serving ice cream into ice cream bowls. We traced the letter I with ice but it was very cold for many of our little fingers to touch. 

candlematching.jpg driedel painting.jpg





 In the Perachim class the Chanukah fun! Continued! They played “Hot Potato” which the kids loved. They learned about olives (some kids were brave enough to try the olives). They started making clay menorahs which used both, gross and fine motor skills. For creative arts, they also made shields just like the Maccabees had. Throughout the week, they reviewed the letters that we have learned so far. They also got to paint the menorahs that they made, and also made menorahs out of stamps of our hands. For Shabbat, they made yummy challahs, finishing and had a puppet show with pre- nursery, and of course they enjoyed sharing their mitzvah notes and show and share. 




Letters H and I

This week the Nitzanim class focused on the letter H, and many words that start with the letter such as, hearts, hands, hot, hair and heavy. For creative arts they used bingo dabbers to decorate coffee filter hearts. They had rice in the sensory bin with scoops and hidden foam hearts. The children worked on fine motor skills by using cotton q tips to paint and trace hearts shapes. They used our hands to decorate hands with stickers of hearts and build houses using popsicle sticks and blocks! The salt trays and foam trays encouraged writing of the letter H with using fine motor skills. The drama center was a fun way to imagine as if the children were in a house of their own as well as the house outside! They enjoyed circle time with singing and building the letter H with mat man! They also worked on their fine motor skills by gluing together letter H houses for their alphabet binders!




 This week the Perachim class focused their learning about the letter “I” for the letter of the week, and also continued learning about Channukah. They played an awesome game of pin the candle on the menorah. The children also did a very cool experiment with oil, food colouring, and shaving cream, which everyone really enjoyed! They worked on fine motor and gross motor skills while practicing to wrap gifts, painting pans for their latkes, and by marching like Maccabees outside to the Holy Temple in the playground. For creative arts they cut latkes, and made tin foil frying pans, which turned out very realistic!




Letters G and H and a little bit of Channukah

This week the Nitzanim class focused on the Letter G and made lots of connections to letter G words throughout the week. In honour of the letter G, pretty much our whole classroom was transformed into a garage. The children worked on their fine motor skills by using droppers to pick up and squeeze green water. They made green snakes for creative arts by rolling paint with our bubble wrapped rollers. The Challah they made for Shabbat was even green as they painted them with green coloured egg wash. For creative arts they made giraffe puppets which turned out super cute! For science there were many colour mixing and painting activities to make green. At circle time they talked about gravity and did an experiment with the light scarves and the heavy blocks to understand how it worked. They also made a giraffe with the big blocks and had fun crashing it apart. They learned about two new words that start with the letter G, gum balls and grapes, and used their fine motor skills to peel and stick circle stickers onto gum ball machines. They also got creative and used tubes to stamp a painting of grapes. For math they practiced counting to 10 by dropping “gum ball” marbles into a jar one by one.

green water.jpg 


 The Perachim class worked on the letter H this week, and also started learning about Channukah. They coloured the letter H and made a house using the shapes found in the letter.They pretended to be Maccabees and went on a fun hunt for some oil. They played a tug of war game to help teach the children about strength in numbers. The block center was very busy as the children using their fine motor and gross motor skills to make houses and chanuukiahs. They also worked on their fine motor skills by practicing their lacing activities. They had so much fun doing marble paintings for creative arts, and seemed to really learning the story of Chanukah.



Fire Fighter visit and Letters F and G

 This week the Nitzanim class focused on the letter F. They painted with feathers for creative arts and also glued tissue paper onto fish. For science this week they were experimenting with floating and sinking so they tried out rocks and sticks, and foam fish and shells. They worked on fine motor skills by feeding the frogs their yummy pom pom ball food. They had frogs hopping on the numbered tree slice to learn math and counting. They also focused on family, and worked on their fine motor skills by making playdoh family members. At the block center they tried to build homes and houses. They also had a very special Shabbat birthday celebration full of songs, birthday wishes for Aiden and yummy treats!


feather painting.jpg 

 The Perachim class worked on the letter “G” and made very cool gumball machines. They also did a very special experiment and got to see how gasses work. They went on a walk to look for things that are green outside. For creative arts, they made goat masks! They even went to Israel for Shabbat, and got to make their own chocolate chip challahs.



Both classes had a special visitor this week, Firefighter Amanda taught us all about the sounds of a fire alarm, and what firefighters wear. We got to go into a fire truck and learn about all the buttons, ladders, lights, and hoses. It was a very exciting and engaging experience for everyone!

fire fighter.jpg fire truck.jpg

All about our 5 Senses

 This week both classes focused on the 5 senses. We explored our eyes/ sight by mixing colours to make binoculars, sorting objects by colour and taking a closer look through magnifying glasses. For our sense of smell/ our noses we smelt different spices and foods, used spices to create artwork, got messy in apple scented shampoo and even painted with tea bags. To explore our ears and the sense of sound, the classrooms go very noisy with instruments, pasta in the sensory bin, magnets and bells, and listening to sounds found outside in nature. In honour of our sense of taste, both classes did a taste test and tried to see if they could tell the difference between salt and sugar. They sure could, and pretty much everyone enjoyed the sugar much more! To explore the sense of touch, we felt smooth, bumpy, rough and soft objects and tried to describe what objects we felt in a mystery box. We also made purple goop, and got to try to pop and paint bubble wrap. We also transformed the drama center into a doctors office to further explore our senses through. On Friday, we welcomed shabbat by talking about how we experience shabbat through all of our 5 senses and we also made our own challah with chocolate chips or sprinkles! 


doctors office.jpg



Final week of Fall

This week both classes got moving in Sports with Coach Cory, and strengthened their gross motor skills. Rabbi B also brought in his instruments for music class with both classes that everyone really enjoyed! They worked on fine motor skills by using the bingo dabbers, to make dots on dogs (for Letter D) and on fall pictures. Both classes enjoyed the sensory bins this week, which were filled with dry pasta, corn, and even water with leaves. The Parachim class conducted a science experiment to see what happened to an egg shell in water, and what happens to it in Coke. They also started learning about the letter E and made elephant masks by painting paper plates and cutting and gluing. The Nitzanim class learned about fall clothing, naming fall clothing items as they dressed felt dolls with clothing. They also worked on their cognitive skills by matching mittens together and trying them on, just for fun. They learned about the different parts of a tree, and got to assemble and make their own trees, and also paint using tin foil to create a nice affect for the tree leaves. Both classes had beautiful Shabbat celebrations and made their own challah with a special added touch of sprinkles. bingodabber.jpg

pasta sensory.jpg


foil painting.jpg 

Follow along in our Fall Fun

The fall fun continued this week, and leaves were incorporated into almost all the centres! The Nitzanim class made many beautiful art creations such as leaf prints, gluing felt on squirrels, acorn prints with Duplo lego, and hand print leaves! The sensory bin was a huge hit this week when it was filled with corn, funnels, cardboard tubes, cups and bowls. It was also filled with leaves and hidden acorns that the children looked hard to find. They worked on their cognitive thinking and math skills when we counted and measured how many leaves tall each student was! We also made a leaf man made out of leaves to learn about symmetry and our body parts! Both classes experimented with magnets and magnetic leaves, and everyone was introduced to the letter of the week which was the letter ‘D’. In the Perachim class, a new Hebrew letter was also introduced and taught to the children which was the letter Gimmel. They also worked on their fine motor skills by learning how to cut with scissors properly. For creative arts, they made a marble painting using fall colours, and made magic leaf rubbings! For science they sorted different sized leaves, and created the colour green by mixing blue and yellow together. We had a very busy week, and it was so much fun! IMG_0087.jpg





Fall Fun in our classrooms

 Fall is in the air, and in our classrooms at Gan Chabad! We have had such a wonderful week exploring and learning through fall themed learning centers. We worked on our fine motor and hand eye coordination skills through sorting fall items such as acorns, pine cones, and leaves into egg cartons and ice cube trays. We also made beautiful leaf prints in playdoh and on paper. The science table had many different fall items on it for exploration and examination, including a pumpkin! We also measured how tall we are with leaves which developed our cognitive skills. The sensory bin was filled with leaves, corn, acorns, pines cones as well as scoops, cardboard tubes, and animals and everyone seemed to really enjoy playing there this week. Two large murals were made in the art centres of trees with fall leaves, one of them even included real branches and leaves that the children found outside during a nature walk. The leaves that were found were also used in the math centre to sort and graph how many leaves of each colour were found! Leaves, trucks,tree slices, fall books and forest animals were added to the block centre for imaginary play and to use to build with. We talked about fall clothing and how we need to start dressing warmer for the fall. We also transformed our drama centre into a fall forest with lots of trees, leaves, and fall themed items to help us pretend play in a fall forest of our own!IMG_9748.jpgIMG_9740.jpg

All about Sukkot


Sukkot has arrived in our classrooms! Even though we had a shortened week because of the holidays, we had a jam packed 3 days full of Sukkot themed activities. Each class helped to build their very own Sukkah’s which we used for pretend play in the dramatic play centers. We learned through songs and books how a Sukkah is different from a house and how we can see the stars and sky through the S’chach. In our block centers we got to build sukkahs by sticking popsicle sticks into Styrofoam and by balancing cardboard and leaves on top. We used lemons to stamp with, painted our own Etrogs, washed our toys with lemons, and some of us even got to make our own edible Sukkahs. YUMMY! We hope you all enjoy the holidays with your family and look forward to seeing you next week so that we can start celebrating Simchat Torah. sukkah1.jpgsukkahn.jpgstyrofoam2.jpgsukkahmaking.jpg

Mat Man and Tag Bags


Learning ABC's through the Mat Man Program

Mat Man.jpg 

 Developing Pre-Math Skills with the Tag Bag Program.

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Math and Reggio


Learned about measurement and math at the pasta bin



Our first Reggio activity



Dear Parents,

Wow! We can't believe that the school year is over. Your children have blossomed and grown over the last ten months. We are so grateful that you have entrusted your precious children with us and we have enjoyed spending time with them every day.

At this Graduation time it is a time to reflect over the past year and as we look back it is amazing to remember all the fun activities we have done and all the special memories that they have created.

Wishing you and your families a safe and restful summer.

To the Perachim class Mazel Tov and good luck in JK.

To the Nitzanim Class looking forward to watching you grow in Nursery.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Claire and Morah Hana 



We love our new outdoor toys

 Dear Parents,

We are having the best time now that the weather is warmer. We are going out everyday to play. Thank you Tom and Lyam Adivi for building our new play house and sand box. We are so looking forward to building sandcastles in the sandbox and using our imaginations in the play house. 

We hope that all our Fathers and Grandfathers enjoyed the special activities and donuts. We love spending special time with you at school.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Claire and Morah Hana



Beautiful Butterflies


Dear Parents,
We watched with wonder at Hashem’s miracles. Imagine a little caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. It was not only the children who have been following the caterpillars progress with eager anticipation - the morahs and parents too. The Pre Nursery children have been practicing a song to sing to the butterflies when we send them out into the wild. We have to wait for warm weather then we will send the butterflies off to find flowers to drink from and leaves to lay eggs on. 
Thank you to all the parents that came in to read books about the lifecycle of the butterfly you really made it a special learning experience.
Shabbat Shalom
Morah Claire 
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